Results of Academic Writing Contest 2006

Director's Prize

Akie Tanaka(Faculty of Business and Commerce , Third Year Level)
「The Political Distance between Citizens and Planners in Swedish Ecological Governance」

Undergraduate Division

First Prize

Honorable Mention

High School Division

First Prize

Yusuke Kishino(Keio Senior High School , Third Year)
「Companies gain profits from social responsibility」

Honorable Mention

Satoshi Yamamoto(Keio Senior High School, Third Year)
「The literary master who loved Japan」

Taku Watanabe(Keio Senior High School, Third Year)
「Introducing a trick of the eyesight into architecture」

Daisuke Ogiya(Keio Senior High School, Third Year)
「Soccer culture of Japan and Australia」

*Affiliation and grade are those at the time of receiving the award.