What is Keio Research Center for Foreign Language Education?

Keio Research Center for Foreign Language Education is an organization designed to support and enhance overall language education at Keio University, and to this end carries out “research”, “education” and “support.” Staff members at the center are not limited to University lecturers, and also include teachers from primary, middle and high school, engaged in research and education activities targeting foreign language education all the way from elementary school through to postgraduate level. This is what stands the center apart from similar institutions at other universities.

As an organization engaged in “research on foreign language education”, the aim of our activities is to integrate these two high-level disciplines: i.e. “research” and “education”. Put simply, we carry out hands-on research based on data gathered in the education field, and return the knowledge and expertise gleaned from this research back into the education field. Our primary concern when carrying out research is always to think of ways to make this cycle function even better, and in order to achieve this we place a lot of importance on researching the philosophy behind language acquisition and design policies based upon it.

The nucleus of “education activities” are some seventy annual “specialist subjects” that focus on nine languages. Centering on fields that are not completely covered in undergraduate education (for example, advanced classes for English and Chinese) and courses specially designed for raising skills in each language (for example, pronunciation, listening clinic), these subjects function alongside undergraduate education to contribute to raising the language ability of students.

“Support” activities apply to both students and faculty members. For students, these activities include lectures, workshops and contests, including writing contests, and preparation lectures before going abroad. Workshops and lectures are also organized for faculty members with the aim of supporting the improvement of the teaching ability of instructors and members of staff.