KEIO GAIGO Open courses have been established by the Keio Research Center for Foreign Language Education for regular students and members of the public to learn a variety of languages as part of the foreign language education at the university.
There are in total around 180 courses in 13 languages at Keio Gaigo. Students can acquire strong language proficiency by systematically learning at a level that matches their ability in each of the language courses via a cumulative approach.
For its special courses, Keio Gaigo has established short-term intensive courses that focus on a specific goal such as TOEIC® and TOEFL® exam preparation, business English, and seminar classes, while Portuguese courses have been held since 2014.
We have approximately 110 instructors with rich experience and success in language education, including Keio University professors. Of the teaching staff, around half are native speakers from countries that use the languages we teach. For more efficient language acquisition, each course at Keio Gaigo balances tuition in Japanese and the target language.
*Japanese courses have not been held.