The Research Center for Foreign Language Education hosts various lectures and workshops relating to foreign languages.
There is also an English essay contest held every year.
Why don't you all join us?

Major Events


The Research Center for Foreign Language Education hosts lectures by people active in professions related in some way to foreign languages.

Lectures held in AY 2017

"The Development of Multilingual Skills from the Perspective of Neuroscience"

Lecturer : Kuniyoshi Sakai
(Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo)
Date : September 30 (Sat.), 2017
Eligibility : students (junior high school or above), faculty and staff members, general public


The aim of the workshops is not merely to get people to learn a foreign language, but to learn through directly experiencing living languages, to actually speak and utilize the foreign languages they have learned, and to make use of their linguistic abilities in business contexts and conference presentations.

Workshops held in AY 2019

"Dramatic Speeches in English 2019"

Date : October 30 (Wed.), 2019
Lecturer : Nicholas Henck (Professor of the Faculty of Law)
Eligibility : Keio University undergraduate and graduate students

*persons with intermediate to advanced English proficiency (The lecture and activities for this workshop are all conducted in English.)

Academic Writing Contest

An "Academic Writing Contest" (an English Essay Contest) is held every year.
There is also a workshop held in advance on writing essays in English.

Related workshops

"Academic Writing Workshop 2019"

Date and venue : [Basic course]November 26 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30
Hiyoshi Campus
[Advanced course]December 3 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30
Mita Campus
Lecturer : Tomoko Wada
(Part time lecturer at the Keio Research Center for Foreign Language Education; Associate Professor of Kogakuin University)
Eligibility : Keio University high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and correspondence course students

*DVDs containing footage of the workshop are available for loan from the offices for the Research Center for Foreign Language Education at Hiyoshi (viewing is limited to the study room located in the Third Building on Hiyoshi Campus). Please inquire at these offices if you would like to borrow a DVD.


TOEIC® is a standardized test held in approximately 150 countries around the world that broadly evaluates English communication ability.
The TOEIC®L&R-IP Test is held twice a year at the Research Center for Foreign Language Education in July and November.

*The TOEIC®L&R-IP Test is implemented using the same scoring method and new forms of questions as the TOEIC® Public Test.

*Although an Official Score Card is not issued for the TOEIC®L&R-IP Test, a score report is issued instead with the same validity as the score for the Public Test.

*Eligibility to take the test is limited to Keio students (undergraduate students, graduate students, and correspondence course students), students at affiliated schools, and students taking the Keio Gaigo open courses.