"Fukugengo no Susume - Encouragement of Plurilingualism-" pamphlet (Japanese Only)

A pamphlet titled "Fukugengo no Susume -Encouragement of Plurilingualism-" was produced for use in the introductory classes for foreign languages being studied by students for the first time, as part of the Action-Oriented Plurilingual Language Learning Project (active 2006-2010). It aimed to improve the learning motivations and outcomes of students by increasing interest towards diverse languages and cultures


  1. Languages spoken around the world and speaker populations
  2. Foreign languages encountered on the streets of Japan
  3. Experience the "sounds" of various foreign languages through everyday expressions such as greetings
  4. Practical phrases for instant use in various foreign languages
  5. Differences between grammatical and lexical structures of languages
  6. Tips for learning foreign languages
  7. World map of language usage: "Where can you use the language you are studying?

* "Encouragement of Plurilingualism" guidebook included

If researchers and educators would like to receive the pamphlet, send your full name, affiliation, address, phone number, desired number of copies and the purpose of use (details of the classes etc.) to the e-mail below. We would be delighted if this pamphlet was put to use and also welcome any feedback. (replace "@" with an "at" symbol in half-width)