CALL rooms

What are the CALL rooms?

CALL is the acronym for "Computer Assisted Language Learning."
The CALL rooms allow students to learn foreign languages more efficiently through the use of audio and visual content on computers.
Learning effects can be anticipated not only for pronunciation and conversation practice using audio files and in-class recordings, but also through the use of visual media employing computers.
Additionally, it facilitates classes that could not take place in conventional classrooms by making full use of the various applications and network.

Facilities guide

The center has six CALL rooms in the Third Building on the Hiyoshi Campus. The rooms are equipped with laptop computers and movable desks (excluding room 326), and it is possible to freely change the room layout when in use.

Common environment of rooms

  1. PC OS: Windows11
  2. Applications: Microsoft 365、Microsoft Edge、Google Chrome etc.
  3. CALL system: CaLaboEX ver.10 (made by CHIeru Co., Ltd.)

You can confirm the audiovisual equipment and layout of each room by clicking on the room numbers.

Notices for the CALL rooms

  1. The CALL rooms are not available as study rooms for students.
  2. Smoking and the consumption of food and drink is strictly prohibited in the rooms.
  3. Use of the power sockets for computers to charge smartphones, etc. is strictly prohibited.


For correspondence and questions regarding the CALL rooms, please contact the relevant staff in charge at the Research Center for Foreign Language Education by e-mail.
CALL rooms: (please replace "@" with an"at"symbol in half-width).