Study Room

Study Room (Third Building 2F, Hiyoshi Campus)
*This room is currently closed to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Opening hours

Mon. to Fri.  9:00-18:45 *The opening hours are 9:00 to 16:45 on days when there are no Keio Gaigo courses
Saturdays   9:00-14:45

*The room is closed on weekend(Sun.),public holidays,semester-end examinations period,Summer/Winter/Spring break, Mita Festival period and predetermined school holidays such as Founder's Birthday(January 10)and Keio Foundation Day(April 23). In addition, the room is closed during administrative holiday periods determined by the university.


  1. Three Windows PCs
  2. One large display
  3. One DVD/VHS player
  4. One cassette deck

Important Notes

  1. The possession and consumption of food and drink is strictly prohibited. [Protection of the facility and equipments]
  2. Dubbing teaching materials is not permitted. [Copyright protection]
  3. Please use headphones or earphones when listening to audio teaching materials.
  4. Behavior that disrupts other users like student club meetings or talking loudly is strictly prohibited.
  5. Please observe the rules of use on display in the room.
  6. Students may be asked to vacate the room if they cannot follow the rules.